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Ever tried deep fried butter?


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You can't make me

kill people burn shit fuck sch

Chicago... I think

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Embrace the misery. Become misery.

then ill be emo
im not good at being submissive or conformative to stuff
i fight against it naturly
plus i plan on getting the fuck out

I dont know where that came from. All the emos at my school were the happiest little preppy kids I ever met.
The point of submiasion is giving up that control. If you're already submissive there's no point.

They don't count
They're the "I saw that depressed kid on MySpace and thought he looked so cute so I look like him too" kids

Well it happens. I've been there. Growing up it was awesome because the whole neighborhood was playing together. Then everyone grew up and moved away or just got bored.

I guess its time for you venture out and experience a new...a new...a new light?

Yeah growing up is something serious.

I don't wanna grow up
Why can't it be like my childhood where you went to the park and whoever laughed at fart jokes were your friends
Where is this adult park full of my gas?

I don't care how old you get. Fart jokes are funny.

The farts are still there Killy. They are inside of you. Hold the gas to your heart. You take it with you when you grow up. And you share them with your children, and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. And your baby's mama and'em

ever see Eddie Murphy delirious?
he use to plsy the fart game when he was a kid
im teaching my kids
it will run down the killy family tree

They were all those kids.


Lol!! I have the dvd. Eddie Murphy was funny back in the day. I don't know happened now.

Time changed, he probably tried to change with them
Change sucks

Rough spot to be in. There's so much manufactured joy out there, it seems to kill the real joy we get from one another. Starting to think the first communists and luddites had the right idea.

new thing to study: luddites
im all with comunist but halfwith the "whats yours is mine and whats mine is yours"

moochers ruin that for me

Change sucks indeed. I've been saying that for years.
As I'm getting older I find myself doing and things I thought Ill never do.
Just the other day I clipped coupons. I freaking clipped coupons. I'm.terrified!

I made a responsible decision to go to sleep early

What time do you have to wake up?

I go to sleep normally at 3:00 but now 11:00