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Ever tried deep fried butter?


25, Male

You can't make me

kill people burn shit fuck sch

Chicago... I think

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woop woop! Miss ya killy. HAPPEH 20!

thanks. Miss ya too Pink

Ugh, my sis was here a month ago, no wonder I missed this :(
Have a good time?

Never really made a big deal of birthdays
no parties or anything
guess until I'm 21 and able to go into bars I wont really ever intentionally have a good birthday
and even then I'm not drinking, just going in too chill

Never say never! Your 30th should be a grand occasion. When I was your age, my older brother told me about 'birthday blowjobs'. Shockingly good concept. I had 3 GF's during 3 or 4 birthdays, and none of them bothered :( In retrospect, I've should've just had it out the whole time... made a bit more of an issue, you know?

Good point. Hopefully I'll has a life to do something with next year

Your not old yet, though. it only gets worse from here! xD

I'm starting to feel like an adult
Next thing I know I'll be paying bills and doing routine shit with other old guys

Just be as happy as you can be: working to pay the bills, creative stuff, chasing and sexing womens. What good's a revolution, if you can't dance while it's going on?

I dance like Bill Cosby though and get tired really easy

You see the Cosby Show? He wasn't that bad, though it's very much called the 'dad dance' nowadays. America's last stab at actual, delineated dance styles, from earlier in the century...I'm high, forget I said that

You're not overweight, right? Maybe pace yourself... hope you don't have some tick disease, they say about half of them are carrying something nasty. I pulled two off me badly, and they upchucked disease into me :p Now I gotta go far and spend much to get cured :(

Not overweight
think I put too much energy into dancing
Cosby show was one of the greatest shows on tv
and that tick shit sounds horrible

Fuck bills. Turn 21 and drink your life away like the cool people.

Tried drinking
I'm immune to alcohol
now I drink Gatorade and tea heavily
I think I drink like 3 to 5 of those big bottles a day

Dude I LOVE tea. I used to brew 3 tea pots a day.
Lemon grey in the morning.
Green tea with mint, lemon, or peach at lunch.
Chamomile in the night.
Piss every 35 minutes, all day.

exact same
I use honey instead of peach though
fucking love honey

Yes, honey in the Lemon, mint, and chamomile.
I could probably live with tea as my drink and honey as my only food.

give me honey and I think I can eat anything
anytime I have to eat something I don't like I put honey on it and its all good

Eating things... dirty jokes coming on... honey...

Dont hold it back
come with it hard

I just wish honey had more honey in it :\ They didn't use to have expiration dates, because there was no corn syrup in it >:( And you can't tell how much the cut is... reason #4,194 why our government needs to be fired.

You any good at making things out of Play-Doh? http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1373126

Government needs to get their hand out of my honey
Pooh would take this sitting
And I'll see if I can find enough clay for an idea

Thinking about it... it's kinda the opposite: the government needs to step in and say, "Bitch, you put a ingredient list on this that is REAL, not phony!" Though, it goes back to the government again, and the honey lobby paying and saying *ssshhhh* Real honey has no expiration date, I guess it's caveat emptor :p Cool, I spelled it right http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caveat_emptor

Stupid not real honey

*comes hard with it*
Also, I don't know where you guys get honey, but I only ever get real stuff. My friend also brews wine out of honey... and that is fucking awesome too.

I fucking want honey wine

I'd ask him to mail you a bottle, but I'm pretty sure that the postal service would shit themselves having a controlled substance in a glass bottle being mailed and all...

The postal service sucks
my sister and my friend worked there and they just throw shit and steal
broken tv, pots, watches, more expensive shit
one guy was shipping milk for some reason and it busted
and if it falls out of the package, as long as it doesn't hit the grown they take it
better off with UPS

Sad that a private company is more secure and better run then the national one...

Things still happen with the private
but I'd trust UPS with shipping my fragiles
last package I got from USPS looked like it was smashed up