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Art does not belong to the people

Posted by KILLY12 - June 17th, 2013

Is it me or are the art reviewers dumb?
I'm sure I wont communicate this that well and not allot of people are going to read this
as allways...
anyway I think people should stop using biases when reviewing
its one thing to tell someone something to help improve their skill or tell them your opinion (what the review option is given for)
but its being an asshole to just bitch about things you dont like and just talk dumb shit

if you dont like chicks with dick, dont look at art with chicks with dicks
art does not belong to the people
you dont get the change someone else creations and suggest they change the way they feel just because you dont get it
your being an asshole making someone else change so you can feel comfortable

My next problem is people who dont draw giving advice
If you dont know the human anatomy dont teach it
its one thing if its obvious that someones are is too long
but dont complain when someones bod is misshaped without knowing how to fix it
anatomy and proportions are hard as shit to master and understand
I still think boobs shouldn't look the way they really do but thats life

Next problem I have is with chibi artist
I hate it when someones been drawing big head, big eyes, cute pictures and then someone complains about it not being realistic
that should go without explaining

Resurrection of Blakc
the neck transplant was a success

Art does not belong to the people

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Lol!! I know how you feel. If can't critique properly and helpful, don't say anything at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But it doesn't mean its beneficial to others.

I knew I couldn't say it right so I wrote an entire essay
Then you came and said it in less then a peragraph.
Thank you

Its just typical. Those people dont even catch my attention.

I noticed it because on actual sites dedicated to are like DA and HF they're not dumbasses
Only here
Home of the trolls

Sometimes you just got to vent and let it out.

Just like poop

Hahaha!!!!! That response got my howling!!!

"My love for you is like diarrhea, I can't hold it in"

Sad to say, I haven't seen m(any) of your reviews, but I know you're heart's in the right place.
You made an awesome entry for Clueless-queen's contest, congrats on winning! Mine was so horrible, I'm very glad she didn't post it :)

Isn't dA overly burdened by false admiration? "Thanks for the fave, oh this looks great, blah blah" Despite the shit-talkers and misguided reviewers here, NG does have some legit reviewers.

Guess DA was a bad example

Lmao! That's a lot of love.

Anyway, do you have more art on DA??? I didn't notice. I have an account there. Also DA doesn't load well on my phone.

It does that sometimes
I have a few of my really old stuff. Link to my profile in the box to the left
"...To the left, to the Left...."