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I'm a cougar

Posted by KILLY12 - June 26th, 2013

wen't to my schools orientation
found out I its in the middle of no where
had to stay the night and learn a bit of the place and some of the income freshmen
turns out allot of them all live near me supposedly
I wanted to leave my city but it ended up following me
found a stalker and a girl that plays guitar hero
friend from my high school too so I know who I'm riding back and forth with
I'm in college now
(can't embed)

I'm a cougar

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So you're going to commute back and forth, or find a place close to school?

Too damn long to get there from my house and I have no job or enough love from my mom for her to buy me a place
I'm living on campus for a while
might find someone who does live near and move in with them
might preach communism and get to mooch off them
They give me free food and shelter
I give them ideas from capitalist society

I really want Nutella now....

Mutual desires

I'd like to make those Pirouette cookies one day...

What's funny, 16th century American 'Common Cause' pre-dates modern communism. We're all supposed to share what we got, to get ahead, together... and do the same when we're better off.

Even funnier, the 'common cause' got hijacked recently :| It used to be a phrase to describe how Americans treated one another, at a time where everywhere else. the rich weren't to be looked in the eye, or spoken to; it was a class system, bot unlike it is now. America used to be like Newgrounds :\

All I can think of is dick jokes and spam

As long as they're good jokes, we'll win against the heartless bankers :)

Say, you send the info to clueless-queen yet?

Haven't got it yet

You're going to enjoy college. You are on your own now.

Now I have to start shopping for toilet paper

Scott tissue is the best. Always remember that.

Gotta remember to write that down

When will they fix embed

We'll just have to hold on until then
Sleep with one eye open
Gun in hand
And a boot ready to shuve up someone's ass
Then they'll realize how serious the embed is