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Posted by KILLY12 - July 2nd, 2013

Ever had a fart that burned?
I wonder what I ate that made it
I wonder what was in what I at
Anyway I accidentally let my fudge sickle melt
There was still this goop of icecream left
I decided to not waist the icecream and drink it
That goop was still warm...
The fuck be in out foods pee-oples?
We go glowing Mountain Dew that Changes your gender
and Mountain Dew that glows
Are we still humans if this stuff doesn't kill us?
Or are we Mutants?
Or because the majority are mutants, we still call ourselves humans and will soon look down on those who didn't mutate
and soon we'll seperate ourselves from them and put them in slums and ghettos
and soon they'll uprise and rebel
and we'll be feeling all high and mighty we wont notice they had an insider helping
and soon they'll take over and have healthy food
and stuff
The fuck just happened?

Also embeds still down


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That video just wiped out any thoughts I had on your poetry... or was it poetry?
About a thousand years ago, when the upper class white people of Europe were wearing armor to bust heads, the average height of a male was 5'4". Why do women keep looking for taller men to breed with? Taller men command a bigger presence in the crowd, but now, there are no more crowds worth commanding....

taller represents dominance and power
woman want a man that runs shit

I'm 5'4" and I run shit, just don't look it. Nowadays, taller folk are given more credence
Sometimes I miss getting picked for basketball in gym early, used to piss off the taller folk :) Used to pass and shoot good, thanks to working alongisde my ma cleaning up a middle school; library was shit, and I knew the dead spots on the gym floor; with time, any amazing shot can be made

where suits
a suit makes up for anything
play basketball in a suit and people will think your awesome
especially in dress shoes

I think I devolved into a Lebowski (so bowling shoes, not dress shoes), but yeah, sounds like a good strategy!

bowling shoes work good too

Lol very nice poem.
Ya know when you eat really healthy, gas gets worst.
and mountain dew is disgusting.

It's an abomination in a can
And I'm sure healthy food won't make your fart burn
That's just weird

this is too long. i like to keep it simple and to the point like my poem about stepping on cat poop

Not really a poem
I just write like that
Fuck period and camas and other punctuations
I'm a rebel and shit

people like me are the first mutants but its just our brains. and we look down on the normals

Philosophical: what if, there are other mutants looking down on all of us?