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A moment for Gamers

Posted by KILLY12 - July 5th, 2013

The PS4 is looking pretty good right now
Especially with Xbox one flip flopping
but to be honest, isn't Play Station losing all their big names?
Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Tekken, and God of War have all no longer gone PS exclusive one by one
Play Station is hurting
Think Sony is gonna be make or brake with the PS4
​This doesn't make it and we wont see a 5 for a while

I'm just hoping the Xbox one comes in different packages
Dont want to pay all that money for extra features I'll never use

Edit:went all 4th of July with a British flag on my shirt
My sister was the only person that understood
I love how we celebrate holidays we hardly give a shit about
"Do I believe in Jesus? No, but I do like getting presents"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZXI2kiyYe4&featu re=share&list=FLZq8wKiPLnvufFZpYVUBsaA

A moment for Gamers

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If you wore a British flag on your shirt, you could've been a firework target, but not in a mean way O_o

Stick to the PC for games and you should be fine. I never had any problems using torrents at the library (if you have a laptop and a torrent program), so you could get games for nothing.

The man in black sat in a bush, forsaking the curds and whey.
Along came a baker, who sat down beside him, and gave him a cake to play :P

I use to do that until a virus killed my computer
I still think Xbox and PS should just make computers specifically designed for games
Whats the difference between an Xbox one and PC?
I can watch TV on it
I can Play games on it
I can use search the internet on it
I can plug it to my big screen TV
Pc is better because I can mod games
So many GTA SA mods
it was practically a remake
New graphics
New cares
No maps
But thats everyone problem
PC can be free
They still want to make us pay for games

Im not the kinda gamer that has money to play games so I stick to my ps3 which isnt working right now. Im also not the kinda gamer who is a gamer. Seems like the few games I would spend my money on are still coming out on ps3 anyway.

Other option is stay where you are until they force you into the next generation like they always do
I'm still looking for older games over new ones
I don't have any games to buy until GTA5, Killer Instinct, and Mortal Kombat come out for Xbox One
They're my only reason to get one
Till then I'm downloading Nintendo 64 emulators and looking for my Gamecube