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Posted by KILLY12 - July 10th, 2012

Well just watched a top ten mortal kombat character video and decided to make this.

10. Johnny Cage: That asshole with his name tattooed on his chest and sunglasses, always
He is the worst character but has become the underdog (after like 11 game)
He punches you in the crotch and is unknown how he actual has powers
He is also the only character that died, came back the next game, and was not a zombie (like Lui-Kang)
He punches your head off three times in mk 2 (somehow)

9. Meat: He kicks your ass with no skin and one eye dangling out of his head.
He originated in MK 4 as a secret costume change for anyone
He's the unfinished creation of shao- kahn making him Mileena's run-away brother
The most bloodiest character of the game

8. Shao- Kahn: Not only one of the oldest characters, but the most difficult boss ever
The guy that I believe is a dragon, with a skull kabuto, and war hammer telling you in your face "You Suck"
Chucking harpoons and his hammer at you, stopping to take the time out and tell you "Try again"
Not only badass, but kind
He was fucking Sindel and lets his daughters walk around like strippers for out enjoyment
Like a boss

7. Kintaro: Like Goro and Sheeve, he also has 4 arms and is Shokan
But the Shokahn are like Spartans, no defects
For one to come out like a tiger (furry) they are defective
Kintaro is the Shokan that that busts his ass to make sure he is superior
He promises Shou-Kahn blood always in the most gruesome way
With the most fucked up fatality in MK9 he gives furries a good name

6. Khameleon: on of the most unappreciated chlassic cannon characters, she's devoted avenging her race
While Reptile and Chameleon bitch out to Shou-Kahn, she still wants him dead
Knowing that she's the last remanning female must suck considering how much breeding she's got to do
The Nintendo only female with all the female ninjas special attacks gets my love and luck with the breed

5. Shinnok
He was a a god stripped of his powers and sent to the chaos realm
He kicked satan's ass and took over
nough said

4: Quan-Chi: Troll; "Shang-tsung cant do it, I can. lol"
The guy that leaves his competition with butt hurt
the one who conspires everything in the game
Step by step he moved the entire story in its play
He was not an elder god
but he worked like the god

3. Sub-Zero: The reason that we have a ESRB rating system on games
His spin rip fatality makes it the most brutal fatality ever
Even though he is only a knock off to his brother, he revived his clan and keeps the name throughout all mortal kombat games (the only character to do that)
Fell in love with a demon, fights with "can't touch this" as motto, and technicly the first cyborg to regain self control (not chronologically by game, but by time since the reboot)

2. The Joker: He does count as a MK Character
look it up
No one knows his history
He could be a failed comedian for all we know
My guess is he worked with Bruce's father and after he died, the joker lost everything
Gone insane he fucks shit up and stays close to Bat's cause he still wants to connect to the wayne family
The only character in a fighting game to box like a gentleman and dress the part
He punches you like a punching bag is the biggest surpass in the game (we all wanted the joker to kick ass in the game but who knew actually would?)

1. Mokap: He won Armageddon

You mad bro?

Posted by KILLY12 - July 6th, 2012

does anyone have this demo
Apparently the only way I know you can get it for xbox is pre-ordering Ninja Gaiden.
I want this damn thing

Posted by KILLY12 - June 29th, 2012

My package came today
* disturbing suggestive look of arousal*
Finally got my guitar
Also my found a new band
Check their asses out
Cryptic Oath

Distortion Theory

Posted by KILLY12 - June 26th, 2012

Its comming
Its Blakc
Its a V
Its probably made in Korea
Its gonna be Badassery

Posted by KILLY12 - June 12th, 2012

I got $64, a sister that owes me $20, and a guitar that coasts $99.99

Now, if no one buys it before I get all my money together, and my mom's credit card doesn't fuck up (like always)
I can begin work on the DMR Genocide

Posted by KILLY12 - June 6th, 2012

We need a new genocide

Posted by KILLY12 - June 5th, 2012

I'm gonna invest $100+ of my own money towards the investment of the embodiment of metal
Hopefully this can bring more money back to me


Posted by KILLY12 - June 3rd, 2012

I often feel like m weekends are wasted
I do nothing but game, fap, and look at myself in the mirror
I need to find others to game with
I need to find fap me
I need someone to look at me naked and tell me how hot I am

Need a life

Posted by KILLY12 - May 30th, 2012

give me horror jokes

Q. Whats worse than finding 7 babies in a dumpster
A. find a baby in 7 dumpsters

Dark Humor

Posted by KILLY12 - May 23rd, 2012

Against my beliefs
Will be finding a job this summer
If Im gonna start writing full songs
Im gonna need some proper equipment