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kill people burn shit fuck sch

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Posted by KILLY12 - February 5th, 2017

It fucking pisses me off how you can just fucking do shit without a care in the world of it effects someone who cares about you. You can just hurt people and turn your back on them and live as if they don't exist just because you don't want to be bothered. Just because you don't need me anymore doesn't mean I don't matter. I still exist. In really trying to hold myself back but every now and then I get a reminder of how little you care and it I fucking hate it. Your a bitch geneva, and I'm trying to be a better person, but  one day, you will know I'm real. I will make an empact on your life. You can't ignore me forever

Posted by KILLY12 - January 29th, 2017


Posted by KILLY12 - January 17th, 2017

Well of course there thousands of you that's been wondering what happened to me. We I've been talking to a girl I met here for 7 years now. We became best friends and unfortunately I fell inlove with her. We'd pretend to be in a relationship, tell each other we love each other, and by the time I decide to commit and tell her I'm going to meet her, she tells me she committed to her ex. Went though a depression, attempted suicide a couple times, became an alcoholic, and begged her for help at less, but eventually my illness became to heavy of a burden on her. She blocked all contact with me. I haven't heard from her in months and the last thing she said was "you know what, fuck you." I don't hate her, I don't blame her. I got really sick, it was really bad, and its not her responsibility to take care of a grown man she found on the internet.


I feel used and Worthless, but it doesn't matter. She doesn't care, none of you care, why should I. Like I said, I don't hate her. I was sick, she was sick, we both needed help. I did my best to help Her, but she'd rather throw that away. One thing that I did learn from this experience is that I.may be bipolar. So, somethingn good came from this. Now ifnojly I could get actually help outside of drinking

Posted by KILLY12 - December 5th, 2016

Well, returning here was kinda fun, but due to stuff, I have to go and never come back.

Posted by KILLY12 - November 30th, 2016

Ain't enough room for the both of us

Posted by KILLY12 - November 23rd, 2016

You ain't shit

Fight me

Posted by KILLY12 - February 3rd, 2016

I need to disconnect from social media

I gotten close to wrong people too many times

I need to distance myself from everyone and get used to this adulthood

Posted by KILLY12 - November 14th, 2015

Well, the work isn't working out so times for alternative forms of income

I'll start drawing porn and see if that kickks off

Still streaming here and there

Probably with start a band maybe

Fuck the police

Posted by KILLY12 - September 25th, 2015

OK so I'm still trying to get something going on twitch

Got a few followers but most of them are no fun

Need more viewers and comments

The more interaction the better


Streaming everyday at about 5pm central

Posted by KILLY12 - July 19th, 2015

Occasionally I dont feel like reading

so I hate when I'm watching an anime on Hulu and after the 4th episode they dont have anymore dubbed episodes

Anybody got a reason for this?